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Yahoo Finance "Anywhere"

Yahoo Finance is the U.S.'s most visited finance site but few people knew they had live market coverage on par with Bloomerg and Fox Business. I led this campaign from concept to delivery in our quest to bring our engaging hosts into people's living rooms, literally.

We created everything from banner and social campaigns to :30 TV spots featuring our hosts. Not even a host quitting two days after our video shoot stopped us in making one of Yahoo's most successful campaigns.

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YFI_BellToBell_Q2_IG Link Post Adam Julie1200x628.jpg

HuffPo "It's Personal"

Produced during the height of COVID lockdown, we wanted to highlight the work of journalists whom we all rely on. We scrounged around for a modest budget and set to make a series while unable to leave our homes or hire crew.

Before remote filming was common place, we interviewed a dozen reporters around the world on their phones. It was a true honor to work with HuffPo's reporters and really fun to figure out the logistical challenges of capturing their interviews.

Yahoo Finance Premium Launch

Launching a company's first premium subscription service can be filled with challenges. One of them might be the logo changing. That might happen after every deliverable was made and you're days away from delivery. If that happens to you, you might be able to laugh about years later

Some highlights of this campaign are installing a bank vault in Grand Central Station, custom placement in the Times Square Nasdaq marquee, and a major CRM and banner push that drove users to try the new service.


Yahoo Entertainment

I produced, wrote, and directed for Yahoo Entertainment's editorial side. We made multiple pieces per day including everything from hosted daily news segments, celebrity and filmmaker interviews, and original series.

It was a thrill show up to work and rarely know what you were going to cover.

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